If you're viewing this exclusive, private webpage it means you've been given the COPPER TICKET. Remember Willy Wanka? If you received a gold ticket in Willy Wanka, you'd be invited to something very special and exclusive ONLY to the group who received the ticket. Good Friend Events offers the COPPER TICKET to chosen couples like you, whom have been referred to us by your wedding vendors - the vendors we adore most! Since you've been given this COPPER TICKET it means you now have access to a special service we offer ONLY to the couples referred to us from our favorite vendor.  Here's what's in it for you: 


free rsvp management











*valid only with our COORDINATION PACKAGE



STEP ONE - See if we are the right fit to be your Day-of or Month-of Coordinator 

Fill out the form below to get in contact with us to learn more about our Day-of and Month-of Coordination services. You'll quickly find out what makes us receive 5-star reviews from our past couples and wedding vendors - like yours. When you decide we are the right fit for each other, you'll be able to choose which Coordination package works best for you and your wedding day. Good Friend Events would then become your Day-of OR Month-of Coordinator and you'd be upgraded to FREE RSVP MANAGEMENT (up to a $300 value).


STEP TWO - Our team will get your squared away with our RSVP assisting options

We will work with you to learn your RSVP requests  and provide you with a custom form to allow your guests to digitally RSVP on directly on your wedding website (through embedding the form) and/or by using a custom URL (could be sent by email, text, or printed on your wedding stationary). Their digital RSVP's will come directly to our email. If you're sending physical RSVP's and response cards instead (or in addition to), we will provide you our P.O. Box address to have your RSVP responses come directly to us instead of filling up your mailbox. 


STEP THREE - View your RSVP's online in your very own client portal and/or PDF

Our team will filter through all digital/written RSVP's and upload the guest's attendance confirmation or decline to a client portal for you. You will have access to this portal to keep track of who is attending (or not) as well as view any special features added onto your RSVP form (song requests, dinner orders, dietary restrictions, plus one's, etc). You also have the option to download a PDF to share with your caterer, for seating charts, etc. If guests fail to RSVP by your cut off date, our team will contact them by phone to collect their responses. 


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