1. What is the difference between a planner and a coordinator? 


Great question. Many use the words interchangeably. However, there is a difference. Wedding planners are typically with you quite some time before your wedding. They are planning things out in detail and step by step. They are also there on your wedding day to be your coordinator. As for coordinators, they are typically month-of or day-of and review plans, bring together the last details, and are there on your wedding day. Coordinators are most often used for couples who have planned out all the details and vendors for their wedding day.

2. My venue has a coordinator, do I still need to hire one?


Yes! Venue coordinators are much different then us. A venue coordinator's main objective is centered around the venue verses being centered around you - like we are. They have the important task of ensuring the venue meets their obligations of setting up chairs and tables, food is out on time (if they have in-house catering), and the venue is not damaged during the wedding. However, they do not do many of the other tasks we take care of. In fact, many of them are not on site the entire time of your wedding and often leave after your cake is cut. Venue coordinators work for the venue not you. This means, (and I have seen it plenty times) if the coordinator gets a new job or leaves the company, you will be assigned someone new. If you believe your venue will take care of you how we would, I suggest asking them the following questions:

1. Will you be on site my entire wedding? 

2. Will you set up my personal decor? (card box, favors, welcome sign, and special decor pieces)

3. Will you be the point of contact for all vendors through the whole wedding? (baker, florist, DJ/MC, decorator, entertainment, etc.)

4. Will you be on top of my vendors to ensure they are doing what they are serviced to? (Flowers are the right color, cake is the right flavor, DJ knows the first dance song, and lighting is in the correct place?)  

5. What happens if you stop working for my venue?

The answers to these questions will show you why working with us is different. We are your advocates. We are here for your wedding plans. We are here for you throughout your planning and your entire wedding day.

3. What are my payment options?


Our goal is to make paying as easy as possible for our clients. Most clients choose to pay online through their secure online portal. We use Square payment processing for these transactions. It supplies an easy to read invoice and payment reminders for your convenience. Online payment processing is our standard method. On request, we also accept cash and checks / cashier checks made out to "Good Friend Events."   

When we send you your formal quote you will see it has three easy to navigate tabs: proposal (with quote), contract, and invoice. You are able to accept, sign, and pay all in the same document. If you decide to pay in full, we offer you 10% off your package (not valid with any other promotion or discount). If you choose to make payments instead, a non-refundable retainer of $500 is due at signing. Your remaining balance gets broken up into monthly payments to help make paying more manageable. We even let you choose the date you prefer to have your monthly payment fall on. 

4. What is your favorite thing about wedding planning?


Besides sharing in the story, seeing the love, and watching the vision unfold, my absolute favorite part is getting to be myself. It's rewarding to have a job where I can be who I am. In past positions I was put in a box and not able to utilize ideas I had nor be able to organize things to run more efficiently like I thought my systems could do. Being a wedding planner, I am able to use my desire for order and organization every day. My clients ask for my honesty, appreciate my decisiveness, and let me be creative. I am able to see almost instant results from these actions and that is incredibly rewarding. I believe people excel most when working in a position that complements who they are naturally. I am naturally a planner. My favorite thing is being appreciated and needed for who I am by nature.

5. I am really organized. Do I need a wedding planner?


Even I would use at least a wedding coordinator to oversee my day gets ran how I planned. You can be the most organized person on the planet but are still unable to be in two places at once. On your wedding day you should be hanging out with your wedding party, getting your hair and makeup done, and being excited to marry your soulmate. You should not be checking in / out your vendors, ensuring napkins are folded right, setting up your card box and welcome sign, adjusting centerpieces, and the many other tasks we do to in efforts to make sure your wedding goes as planned. How will you make sure you don't see your groom? How will you pack a to-go plate for your evening hotel stay? How will you cue the wedding party to walk out while hiding from guests? How will you solve problems during the ceremony when you're in it? We desire for you to be excited before your wedding not stressed and sweaty. 

Outside of for sure needing a coordinator, I want to be clear on the benefit of having us as your wedding planner even when you're an organized person. We are trained, experienced wedding professionals. I am full time. This means I am not balancing a work load, this and that, and planning a wedding. I am dedicating hours and going over your details carefully. Being organized does not mean you've planned many weddings before. It does not mean you know all the details that goes into each element of planning. Being organized is a wonderful thing in life but does not mean you are a wedding planner. This is a perfect area to let the professionals do their job. Just like someone who is good at baking may not make their wedding cake - someone who loves music is not going to DJ their own wedding - someone who has a heart for service will not be bussing tables at their own wedding.  In case there is someone reading this saying, I know such and such who made their own centerpieces - that's awesome. However, there is no doubt a professional, full time planner can plan a wedding in more detail then someone who is not. A wedding planner is here to think of all the areas you won't and make sure your wedding is organized just how you'd like it to be. We want you to be able to relax and enjoy yourself. This is your wedding day. Being your wedding planner is the best way for us to make sure your wedding is as organized as possible. If you're reading this and it sounds like you, you'll really get a kick out of our online client portal.

6. I'm not sure I can afford a wedding planner. 


We know, this isn't technically a question. However, it's important for us to address this statement. Wedding planners / coordinators are not an area you want to skip over when planning your wedding. We know the venues and your best bet of finding one is to have a pro on your side. We have worked with MANY vendors which means we know who meets your style, budget, and can give you the service you desire. It return this results in less couples being unsatisfied with vendors because their wedding planner made a custom recommendation. We also get discounts with some local pros. Those discounts do not go into our pockets, but get passed on to you-our client. You'll be saving time and money with us. Besides, time is money. Read over the answer to #5 to hear more. 

7. What makes you different then all the other wedding planners?


We desire to show you. We are the no non-sense, get it done and done right crew. Our honesty and integrity means we always have your best interest in mind. We are here to help you make the tough choices and be the decisive pro you need. Since many of our clients are working professionals, we are flexible with communication methods and work hours. We don't close up shop at 5pm. We are answering your emails throughout the evening or meeting with you after hours to accommodate your schedule. Our online client portal is accessible all hours for your convenience. We are often meeting with our clients virtually (via FaceTime or Skype) if they cannot meet in person just to be as accommodating as possible. Sometimes meetings go late into the evenings for those who work tough schedules. Once we had a client who was a nurse in Italy - that's a 9-hour time difference guys! We did everything we could to be accommodating to the time difference and give her the same great communication we deliver to all our clients. It resulted in her giving us a 5-star review raving about our communication and attentiveness. Here is a snippet of her review: "She made all the planning so personal, very responsive via emails and kept me updated with everything she was working on. She gave her opinion on things that were very helpful and kept things running very smoothly esp with coordinating with vendors. She is very personable, attentive, professional and friendly. Best coordinator I’ve worked with and will give you an amazing day!!"

Besides being your honest friend through planning who is awesome at communicating, we are also big advocates of healthy relationships and love. We care about you, your fiancé, and your marriage. We want our couples to have a forever marriage along with a great wedding. You are not a date in our calendar, but real people with real emotions, opinions, and life situations. We are here to be your good friend through planning and life leading up to you wedding. We are also big cheerleaders and supporters of your marriage even after your wedding has passed. We love when our clients keep in touch with us because it shows we developed a true friendship through wedding planning.