5 reasons to hire Good Friend Events to be your wedding planner or coordinator

We are different - and we strive to be.

5 reasons to hire Good Friend Events to be your wedding planner or coordinator.

Here’s How:

1. We are people. We have personalities - not multiple personalities, just one great personality per team member. This means, we treat you like a person too. You are NOT just a wedding date for us to add to our calendar. We want to know about YOU and your fiancé. It’s important your wedding details truly reflect your personality. We believe your wedding should be an official introduction of you as a couple, including personal touches and your favorite items embedded throughout design. You may have heard (or experienced), planning can go from exciting to stressful REAL QUICK. Our hope is to make it as enjoyable as possible. Knowing your likes AND dislikes while being informed about what gets you excited AND what your stressors are, can help make this happen. Consider us your, “make it happen crew.”

2. We’re timeline ninjas. From the time you wake up on your wedding day to the time your last vendor leaves your venue after clean up, it’ll all be documented on your timeline. The timeline you get from us isn’t a general outline found on Google. It will be an in depth timeline tailored to YOUR wedding - just like that wedding dress and tuxedo is tailored to fit your body. This means, we can add in that special performance you want to do, make sure you get time to eat, AND dance the night away. It’s no coincidence we often hear our weddings are the “smoothest” and “most organized” from guests and professional vendors - we work hard to make sure they are.

3. Like in your marriage, communication is key. We like to send videos to you in between our planning meetings to check-in and to show you our smiling faces. After meeting with us, you’ll often receive an email reviewing what we covered. Checklists, follow-ups, reminder emails, and calendar invites make our world go ‘round We are genuinely excited for you to get married so we love when you share with us. We want to see your engagement photos, your dream dress, his fun socks, and also hear from you on days you may need a confidence boost. We are here to help.

4. Professionalism is essential to us. An amazing wedding is our main objective. Our team is trained with the standards of treating EVERYONE with the utmost respect and consideration throughout the day. We like to think of ourselves as the Chick-fil-A of the fast food world - game changing. We are serious about customer service. You won’t find us drinking alcohol during your reception, using profanity while setting up, or wearing anything revealing. What you can expect is us to be in game-time mode. We are wearing headsets to communicate with our team, checking in with you throughout the night to remind you what is coming up next, and providing hospitality to your guests. We want your guests to be impressed, vendor’s job as easy as possible, and you to REALLY have your dream day - really.

5. We don’t take on every wedding. This means, if we chat with you and believe there is another planner who better matches your style and goals, we will recommend them. We want to work with couple’s who want to impress their guests, trust our professional experience, and truly want our team because of who we are and what we bring to your planning process. Our couples want their day to be the best day possible - just like we do. Limiting the amount of weddings we take on helps make sure we have time to devote to your plans and communicate with you. It’s no secret, the more weddings a planner takes on, the less time they have for those couples. We want to give you time and give you the best experience possible. We’re committed to being fully present for you throughout your planning journey. Reach out if you believe we could be the perfect match for your dream day. You can review our most popular packages on our services page and can reach us on our contact page. We’d love to get to know more about you and what you’re envisioning for your wedding day.


Keep reading to view a handful of our reviews from past clients, vendors, and guests who’ve attend weddings we’ve planned and/or coordinated…

Hear How Others View Our Team From Reviews:

*Please note, these reviews were copied/pasted from actual reviews. Therefore, we did not edit them for grammatical errors. They are truly authentic.

Vendor Reviews

  • Diane Johnson (Cupcake Pro): “I'll tell you what, if you want someone to get things done for your special event with no worries, Kyro is the event planner to use.  Kyro is very professional and will meet all your needs, she  is a real go getter.  Kyro is very easy to work with and her creativity & ideas are so unbelievable and beautiful!  As a cupcake vendor, I have worked with Kyro and always look forward to working with Good Friend Events. Thanks for the great customer service!”

  • Laurie Holland (Photographer): “I photographed a wedding that Good Friends coordinated. It was the most organized event that I’ve been to which made my job so easy. I highly recommend Kyro and her team. Such a smooth wedding.”

  • Brian Boyd (DJ): “I've had the privilege to work with Kyro and her team at Good Friend Events and they are amazing!! They combine a unique blend of detailed professionalism, and personable service. This is rare and hard to find! They are able to plan all the details yet still have flexibility to accommodate the couples pace for the wedding. They are easy to work with, but also passionate about making this day special for the Bride & Groom. I highly recommend their services!!”

  • Jessica Van Campbell (Florist): “Kyro and her team really work well together- they assisted me as the floral designer, in making a bride’s wedding dreams come true last weekend. From the first contact with Kyro i knew she was a professional and she was organized and friendly throughout. I appreciated her genuine and encouraging spirit! I recommend her to all my brides now!”

  • Lauren Ryan (Photographer):…They were there as needed never overbearing but available when requested. She communicates so well and diffuses any worries and concerns. Kyro has amazing ideas and her designs, whether simple, elegant, or complex come off flawlessly and this shows through the photographs. The best quality that I love about Good Friend Events is that they are trustworthy, give you all the information you need, and care deeply about their couples.”

  • Susan Downes (DJ): “What an amazing team. I've been a DJ for 14 years and this company is tops. Was such a pleasure to work with all of them and they we so organized.”

  • Shanna Styron Sherrell (Photo Booth): “I would recommend any of my clients to Good Friend Events. I had the pleasure of working with Kyro and her team recently at a wedding. The entire team was professional, beyond kind and the wedding was flawless! Big bonus.... as a vendor I was were taken care of and checked in on several times to see if I needed anything. Such a pleasure to work with!”

Past Client / Guest Reviews:

  • Chelsea Pataky (Bride): “We left our wedding this June with smiles on our faces and as we were driving away my new husband turns, looks at me and says: ‘I had so much fun, I love you so much...wasn’t Kyro and her team amazing!?’. He then went on to admit he wasn’t to sure we would need a month-of coordinator but that he believes “it was some of the best money we’ve ever spent”. I wholeheartedly agree with him about it being one of our smartest investments we’ve made…”

  • Wyona Peoples (Bride): “…GFE are great at communicating if you have any concerns or questions as well. When I walked into our venue, everything was exactly like how I envisioned. A lot of our guests have told me they loved Kyro and her team throughout the entire wedding day. This made me feel good to know they loved everything about the wedding just as much as we did. She also gotten along easily with our family/friends at the rehearsal/wedding. I truly appreciate her for handling everything the day of the wedding without me worrying about anything. GFE is there for you every step of the way.”

  • Julie Morse (Mother of the Bride): “I cannot recommend this company highly enough!!!!! They were the wedding coordinator for our daughter's wedding and we loved them! Every single detail was attended to and we did not have to worry about a single thing. We all concurred that we never could have had such a fabulous wedding/experience without them running the show. I will recommend them to every single person I know with confidence that they will love them as much as we did!”

  • Emma Cammer (Bride): “Kyro truly felt like a good friend through this process! Three months before our wedding we decided we needed some outside help. We hired Kyro for month of coordinating. From managing vendors, to giving design ideas, to rental item assistance, to always calming me down...she was amazing! Her speed with communication is honestly the best out of all our vendors. She was always a call or message away.”

  • Ashley Rosato (Bride): “Had a blast planning the wedding of my dreams with Kyro! She made everything so easy and had absolutely no stress at all. She made me and my family so comfortable. I was so happy to be able to work with good friend events so that my family didn't have to work our entire wedding and it was a success! They were able to relax and really enjoy our wedding! Thank you so much Kyro for all you did!”

  • Josh and Jennel VanSickle (Groom & Bride): “Good friend Events and I had almost a whole year together planning my wedding. My Husband and I were so happy with Kyro and her amazing team. Once you hire GFE you really feel like your friend is helping you plan your wedding. I am such an anxious bride, and Kyro was there calming every worry I had and handling any concerns that came up. I literally texted her at all hours of the night/day and she was there responding with in minutes. there was so many different obstacles that I never saw coming with planning a wedding but Kyro was there every step of the way handling it and already having a plan B in motion if it came down to it…Kyro has so many people she knows in the industry to bring all of your wedding dreams to life and save you money. On the day of my wedding her team was on it! My family was able to enjoy the entire day without worries which was my number 1 reason for hiring a planner/coordinator. Kyro was worth every penny and I could not be more pleased with how our wedding turned out. I still have friends and family talking about the wonderful time they had at our wedding 5 months later.”

You’ve learned about what makes us, us. Now we want to hear about you! Reach out to us on our contact page and let’s chat about your wedding.