I am a full time wedding planner who spends my days (and nights) planning your dream wedding.

I plan full time so you don't have to.  

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Kariba Photography

Hey Friends,

I am Kyro Parker, co-owner of Good Friend Events. Together my husband and I created Good Friend Events to be the good friend everyone needs when it's time for wedding planning. When I started as a wedding coordinator it was simply because I naturally enjoyed planning and found joy in bringing organization to an event most are overwhelmed with. Years later, the passion and commitment to my clients and planning continues to grow.

"It was absolutely beautiful and beyond anything I could ever dream up. She took my ideas and made it better. She is warm, personable, professional and a true pleasure to work with. Let her help you plan your event! It will be amazing!"  
-Joy R.

I am a full time wedding planner who spends my days (and nights) planning your dream wedding. I plan full time so you don't have to. I am a firm believer in systems and solutions. As a mother, wife, entrepreneur, and leader I understand time must be used effectively and efficiently. I am the crazy lady who meals plans for my family three months in advance. To me, planning makes the world go round.

Many of my clients are balancing their crazy workload and life. They just don't have time to put in hours on top of hours to plan every detail of their wedding. However, they still care about the wedding day and want it to be perfect - this is where my team and I come in. My experience and the systems  I created aid us in planning your day . I have carefully handpicked our team members and they are all extreme assets. They are the reason your parents, siblings, and friends will be able to enjoy the wedding without feeling like they have to work your wedding. We organize each component from the very beginning through to the very end. We make the most out of what little time our clients have to chat and are professional communicators. Our online client portal helps us to communicate with you at a time that's convenient for YOU. Customer service, integrity, and professionalism are our foundation. You will see excellence in all we do. We are not drinking, dancing, and partying at your wedding. We are working at your wedding so YOU can do the partying - worry free. 

What our clients love about us is that we are authentic. If welcomed, we share our honest opinions and help our clients make the tough decisions with wedding plans. We're decisive when you're too busy to weigh the pros and cons of a choice.  We answer your, "should we get this cake flavor or that cake flavor?" text with an answer.  We are here to be honest with you and your vendors. We dig deep into all wedding details so nothing slips through. In return we ask for clients to be authentic with us. With an honest and open relationship our clients see our value and we often become their Good Friend. Our desire is to create your dream wedding that'll hold special to you in years to come. We are here to find out what's most important to you and bring that to life. We are your Good Friends - here to make it happen for you and your wedding day.

-Kyro Parker