Your dream team is here to make sure you get to REALLY enjoy your wedding day. Chances are you work a job where you are hard at work with your professional face on throughout the entire day. You make things happen and are great at your job. People respect you and many times, answer to you. It’s when you get off after a long day that you’re truly able to unwind with the one you love. You’re able to be silly, laugh, and do all the activities you LOVE. Your fiancé and you get to enjoy each other in the purest form. On your wedding day, we want you to be you.

We wear the professional hat and get things done so you can spend your time smiling, laughing, and dancing the night away. You’ll be confident our team has your back with the behind the scenes details because we’ve been with you every step of the way planning. We’ve checked in with you throughout wedding planning by sending you video messages to tell you what we are working on. Our team has met numerous times without you to chat about your wedding and how we can come together to make it a smooth day. We’ve then met with you after you’re off of work and heard your input, feedback, and listened to your vision. We’ve spent time with you to learn your personality so when things come up on wedding day, you KNOW it’s handled. So when it’s time for you to walk down the aisle, you can do it trusting we have your back for the behind the details.


the process



Wedding planning can go from joyous to stressful - REAL QUICK. Putting your faith in our 5-star rated team means you a trusting a seasoned professional wedding planning team to make your vision come to life. We will help your very first memories of your wedding, be great memories to cherish forever.

When choosing a wedding planning package, please keep in mind we are here to recommend which one we believe is right for YOU and we have payment plans available. Reach out to us for a full copy of our Wedding Planning Guide to view an in-depth of what services are included with each package.




"We left our wedding this June with smiles on our faces and as we were driving away my new husband turns, looks at me and says: ‘I had so much fun, I love you so much...wasn’t Kyro and her team amazing!?’. He then went on to admit he wasn’t to sure we would need a month-of coordinator but that he believes “it was some of the best money we’ve ever spent”. I wholeheartedly agree with him about it being one of our smartest investments we’ve made."

- Chelsea